Tuesday, 23 April 2013

more mermaids

I'm surprised to find myself enjoying this so much. Why has it taken me so long to understand that poster paints are gouache? The convenience of finding them in a pen format is interesting, but what's really great is that they can be applied over each other and worked in pencil as I have done here:


This second mermaid drawing (painting?) in paint pens and graphite pencil
is also inspired by my online class (see previous posts) which I drew
accompanied by Jane Davenport's MermaidCircus class video.

and late into last night I drew another one

 Next on the horizon is a new concept for me: collaging with elements from my own sketchbook.
I've done collage for years, often with original paintings cut up and incorporated into the piece I'm working on, but using photocopies of my own work with the intention of painting over them again as well intrigues me.
To quote Teesha Moore, "...I actually had a whole different idea in mind and then, all of a sudden, something crops in the process, and that's the process of...creativity, and that's what keeps me coming back and back and back. And that's the surprise element of
'Oh  where are we going to today?'"


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