Friday, 4 December 2015

first snow day

Good Friday Afternoon! I hope that you've been well.
Since I last posted, I've been enjoying painting pictures of wooden dolls, specifically English dolls of the 18th century. It's got so that I don't need a reference anymore, though I still love hunting for old textile patterns to use on the dresses.
This morning we woke to our first snow, a modest one, but white nonetheless. 

I love the way it intensifies the textures in the garden, especially where Wally had me pile those hedge trimmings to inhibit weed growth next spring.
As I took photos through the window, Babu flirted with me, flexing his toes and pleading for a pat.
Some rumbling outside let me know that the "hydro" workers had arrived outside our house.
 I say "hydro" in quotation marks because that's how I've learned to identify electrical energy from spending the bulk of my life in Ontario where electricity was generated mostly from water (though it is now about 50% nuclear, and surprisingly still, though a small amount, from coal.  It isn't plucked out of the air from a passing thunderbolt as a flick of the switch would have us believe ;) )

 The last town I lived near, Bracebridge, was the pioneer in municipal hydro-electric generation in Canada.  On October 5, 1894 the Bracebridge Village Council purchased a water power generating plant to supply electricity to the community, generating a welcome 84 kilowatts.

the man of Power ascends
Gen Mix Website 2014
This chart is from 2014
Here, in Nova Scotia, despite the highest tides in the world, I am shocked to see how much of our electric power still comes from coal.  It is clear that our fossil sourced fuels are archaic and are in fact, destroying life on this planet. Fracking, hydraulic fracturing of shale rock to release its natural gas/oil, is one of the latest environmental treacheries the Power powers-that-be are promoting to obtain more fossil fuel. We must consider the personal cost to making the change to more environmentally sound sources of fuel. It requires lifestyle choices.
still ascending

I think he sees me.
He worked on our streetlight that has been flickering on and off for months.

On to sweeter things: my watercolour painting of a little wooden doll.
And sweeter still, Babu, who has joined me in the kitchen, first for snuggles, then for a nap on the kitchen chair beside me- which I am interrupting. He is remarkably sociable.
 One thinks that cats prefer to be alone.While they appear not to be as needy as dogs, I've learned that they have a definite need for love, and will suffer if neglected which is partly why I got 2 cats instead of one. I see this in so many creatures. We must not take their inability to communicate this clearly to people who cannot "hear" them. They communicate in ways that are remarkably clear. Cats, for instance, will do a slow blink to express love. Let's remember not to take them for granted.
peace on earth


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