Monday, 10 July 2017

evening in the garden

This morning has heated up immensely. It took me a good little while to cool down after weeding, sweeping leaves, and mowing the front yards. With a glass of mineralized lemon water and a breakfast of yesterday's quinoa tabbouleh, I feel much better, and glad to have accomplished so much.

 The heat moved in after the rain overnight on Friday.
On Saturday evening we finally dared to go outside.

Wally wanted me to see the new Sweet Peas that he planted from seed last year by the composter.
He thought their blossoms looked like orchids. They certainly are exotic looking.

These pretty buds are Sweet Peas yet to bloom.

Inside the composter the clematis have made a home for themselves as well as the Creeping Charlie.

And on the other side of the composter, the Echinacea are starting to open.

The Hydrangea do this kissing the ground after the rain. They've straightened up since.

Wally has been eager for me to see the Hens and Chicks bloom as well.

On Friday I found myself wondering what to draw next. I started with this little owl, and in succession drew the rabbit and then the cat. A tumbling play is what I was aiming for, but the cat looks a little out of place with these innocents. Ah well, one can dream.
All with coloured pencils and some India Ink outline.

Wally took me away from cleaning up after supper last night to stand on the deck and watch the moon come up over the trees to the left of Forget-Me-Not Cabin, East by Southeast. We watched it in real time visibly rise. "That's how fast the Earth is moving," Wally said.
One has to do this every now and then to remember reality beyond our human existence.

peace on Earth


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