Wednesday, 19 July 2017

houses of mahone bay part one

Still feeling the need for a change, doing what chores we could on Saturday, Wally suggested we take a day trip on Sunday. I'd been wanting to return to a quiet park on an inlet off the Atlantic that we found 2 years ago, so after gathering a lunch and snacks, drinks and watercolour palettes, watercolour pads and bottles of water, brushes and camera, we headed off to the South Shore without my picnic table cloth.

Coming into Mahone Bay, one has to stop to capture its picturesque shoreline.

There  is barely a house that isn't picture worthy like this, the Fisherman's Daughter B&B.

Private homes are done up with pride,

this one worthy of two shots.

Flying the Union Jack jazzes up this smaller house done up in teal.

Jo-Ann's Deli, Market and Bake Shop is a tourist's delight. I'll have more shots of it in a later post as we stopped there briefly on the way home.

the town centre where we turn left

and immediately we pass this cheerfully painted original town house now the home of Mateus Bistro.
To the right are two pale buildings that house the renowned Mahone Bay Shoe Company that sell excellent quality shoes made all over the world. I have a favourite pair of red shoes from them.

In that same picture above, you'll see this spectacular Bed & Breakfast, now for sale.

The other side of it is even more enchanting.

A simple house, I always think of this style as a captain's house. One has to remember that these coastal towns were all devoted to living from the sea.

As with this dear building with the exceptionally low ceilings that I used to go to when it housed the wool shop (now selling pewter), this house was definitely a fisherman's home, though I'm not sure why it is duplicated from the back unless it housed two families.

Birdsall Pottery all these years later when I first heard of them
back when I was a young potter in Ontario.

We're still on the main road. This house is on the other side of our moving car
so I don't know what business is in there
A private home with a magnificent entrance and lovely detail work under the eave
and above the windows.
This generous porch is book-ended with the same curves that are on the fence.

I remember taking a picture of this peach sherbet dream before, a royal Victorian confection.

Nearing the end of the commercial section, this quilt shop is wise enough to have seating for the attendant husbands, though I must say that there are some men who love this craft and excel at it in the art world.

and finally, today, welcoming Canadians and Americans alike, this stately home with its broad painted porch.

As mentioned in the title, this is only Part One of a collection of pictures I took as we passed through this extremely charming village. Thank you for coming along with me.


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