Tuesday, 18 July 2017

a little getaway

A grey Tuesday here, but at least it has cut the heat so much that the windows are open.
It's been a pleasant summer so far, though tourism has inundated Wally's office and workload, leaving him rather undone at times.

At home there is work to be done too, but like last year, Wally couldn't complete the hedge trimming in one go so it gets a temporary Mohawk while he puts in a garden on the south end of the Forget-Me-Not Cabin.

In the course of his coming and going, Wally called me over to see this curious visitor.

The green and yellow made an exquisite combination on these orange Echinacea stamen

I began to realize that the yellow was, in fact, pollen collected on the bee's legs

It moved constantly, hence this blurry shot but my best side view.

I particularly like this shot, an enlargement of the first one.

That was Saturday.
We were a little undone, Wally by his nonstop life, and me by too much time alone. When we went out for a bit of shopping, I asked Wally to take the long way to change up our routine. 

I was surprised when he took me literally and didn't turn where I thought he would
but carried on deeper into the countryside

passing lovely rural scenes like this with these two curious bulls

til we came past an abandoned pasture that was clearly an old car dump filling in with nature's sweet cover, here an old school bus and a blue truck.

Of course I was wearing my good white sandals as I creeped around, trying to get closer for the "money shot". The logo says "Canadian Pacific Express"

 There was metal debris to maneuver through and

thorny wild roses

and blackberry canes.

Even among these snaggy canes there were goodies like this fabulous metal wheel

The meadow was growing in at a steady rate making it harder to see this sloppy museum of auto and farm machinery parts in amongst the plants like this bunchberry.

more bunchberries

a pretty weed with a burr-like seedhead

We carried on into the Gaspereau Valley, along a road into White Rock and back in a jig to our shopping. A sweet little side trip that we needed.

sweet july dreams


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