Wednesday, 26 July 2017

a short trip

After a heatwave last week and the much needed rain yesterday, it is one of those glorious summer days without a cloud in the sky. The cooler weather has brought a shift. There's a feeling of, dare I say it- fall in the air.

On Saturday we hit the highway for Greenwood where my favourite health food store is located.
Cindy carries a wide variety of organics which she sells in the original bags for great savings or breaks down to smaller quantities when you don't want 25 pounds of basmati rice. I stock up on all kinds of things for Wally, me and the cats which makes the cost of gas and running the car worth it.

Outside of Berwick, we're 213 km from Yarmouth. I've yet to get there.

One of the rare days we take this route when it isn't snowing or rainy though it was a bit blowy.

 Kingston is the exit off the highway that we must take to get to Greenwood where Cindy's shop is.
My favourite house sits at the corner of the road into Kingston.  It is the home of the folks who run an
antique shop out back.

What a shock to see the fire damage along the way. Wally only then remembered that he had heard about a fire in Kingston.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Muji's having his day in the sun after breakfast

Babu comes to join him

But it won't be long before he's bugging me for cuddles or playtime
as he doesn't tire nearly as much as Muji.

just a glimpse of what I was playing at in the Second Peninsula Park the week before
Watercolours. I need a whole lot of practice.

I'll have some more artwork to show you tomorrow- something in a completely different vein.
Many thanks for your visits.



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