Wednesday, 5 July 2017

a balmy summer day

The sunny temperate weather continues today. I am so grateful as I anticipate  (and dread) the wretched heat we've experienced in past summers. So far there have only been about 3 of those days in mid June.

It does get a little warm by mid-morning, but the cats do love to lounge in the vestibule where the shade allows for cooler fresh breezes to come in the open window. Babu hears something. I do too. It sounded like it was coming from under the vestibule, but then it stopped. A critter?

Babu, looking prime! with little dusty bits all over him.
That rug simply needs to be replaced as it clings to dirt which is great for the house
but an eyesore nonetheless.

Babu's best imitation of a comma. A backwards comma. Well, that's pretty good for a cat.

Our sale plants are filling in very well in our south Asian handmade planters that we got from, of all places, Walmart.Reduction fired too! That means that oxygen was removed from the atmosphere of the kiln while they were being fired, causing a lovely movement of iron from the body of the clay to the surface as the fire draws the FeO2 for the oxygen it needs to burn.  I still feel like I stole them as they were underpriced by Canadian handmade standards.
The dog I made from scrap clay in a friend's studio. When it cracked in the reduction firing I took it as a sign to keep it for myself.
The one-eared cement/concrete Victorian sheep is another sale coup.
Oh, and that's Wally's cherry tomato plant grown from seed in the right pot.

A stem broke from the Dahlia I showed you yesterday so we brought it into the house.
I was a drawing machine on the weekend, this piece done on Sunday in coloured pencils. I took a Pitt brush pen to the outlines and added some gold Sharpie paint pen for good measure.

a close up of the same piece

Do you ever find yourself humming a song and suddenly realize that the words are pertinent to something you've experienced recently or have been thinking about? It happens to me a lot.

This is one that comes up quite often for me lately:


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