Monday, 14 December 2015

a little book for mom

Maybe it's because it's Monday, but after a sad week of loss last week, I am in need of turning the page.
So I made a little book. It's for my mother who has trouble accessing the internet to see what I'm up to.  I did up a  photo collection of this year's highlights, and put an original on the cover.
If you live in Canada, you may recognize the spine cut out from a tissue box. The turquoise with pink roses is washi tape, and the other paper is wrapping from a nice bar of soap. The watercolour is mine, of a wooden doll that debuted on my blog earlier this month.

Because the photos of my watercolours measure 4"x 6", my mixed media sketchbook (in which I did the originals) worked perfectly to make the folios as the paper measures 7"x10". Folded in half each page  would measure 7"x5" which would allow for a 1/2" border around each photo. (Oh yes, I must add an "r" on the end of November.)

Of course, that meant I had to turn some photos sideways.
It can be a precarious time of the year. Expectations of others and/or ourselves is a set up.
We're always better off with a sense of gratitude. 
Let us bring sweetness into our lives in the little things we do and the kind thoughts we think.


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