Saturday, 26 December 2015

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas found us on a sunny, almost balmy morning.
So I opened the windows
for the cats to take some sun
 It was late afternoon when we headed off to the bird sanctuary for our Christmas Day walk
just as we did on a warm drizzly day last Christmas, but with the whole place to ourselves

This year there were many people out taking photos and walking about this beautiful place.
Bullrush mounds

wild rose bushes stripped of their leaves
but still a lot of wild rose hips on their brambley vines
They almost made up for the lack of snow, set against the pines

Here we found some ducks bobbing for greens beneath the still pond water
It could get almost mystical as the sun begins its downward arc

and here a fine fellow

serenely glides
back to join his mate
Many photo ops for still water reflections
But this one took the cake: a Sundog
a prism phenomenon where refraction takes place in a cloud far removed from the sun which is actually to the upper right, out of the camera's view
(wish I could have got a better exposure; it was quite beautiful)

 we round the path looking back at the bridge from whence we started
Now the whole Christmas experience seems somehow far away after a month of preparing, like a big meal that took longer to prepare than to consume. If you're one of those people who enjoy the kitsch of Christmas, apart from its symbol of hope and rejoicing this next section is for you, and if you're not, this may seem like too much dessert: a batch of pictures I took on Christmas Eve and forgot about til late today, Boxing Day.
We drove to Berwick and here are shots from along the way, there and back in no particular order.
A little floss and sparkle of other folks' creative efforts.




Bill and dogs said...

Beautiful photos!

Enchanted Blue Planet said...

Thanks Bill!

Bill and dogs said...

Thanks for your suggestions on photo editing. I follow the same procedure as you but use Irfanview to edit. I tried twice to download Windows Live Photo but for some reason it won't download. So I guess I'll keep using Irfanview. I have noticed that my Canon camera is not good in low light, so that may be the problem. It takes lovely pictures with a full sun behind me but of course one can't always get that. Thanks.

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