Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas preamble

We're slowly getting ready. 
as Muji naps
Suddenly our circa 1936 fireplace, the one I wanted to bring into the 21st century,
makes sense. Wally even found a very old Christmas stocking to hang on the left that matches the vibe of our old plastic Santa lamps that we found roadside one year.
Wally went downstairs to find Marion's signed record
 of the house her husband (and his brother?) built.

I leave snippets of Marion's decorating up like this old scalloped blind at the foot of the stairs

and even this shirred shear curtain on the front door where I placed this ridiculous secondhand Christmas wreath that I like for its animated personality

presents await boxing for the post, hopefully not too late
and now it's snowing again, as if I ordered it up.  It delights me.
We're forecast another mild Christmas and so this snowfall will soon be gone,
but, Oh, it's pretty while it lasts.
I'm loving this excuse to invite some sparkle into our lives
peace on earth
starting in our hearts


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