Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Two Snow Storms

This is what I'd been hoping for before Christmas. Well, here it is 2 days after.
a good old fashioned snow storm

Wally got let off work early- so he thought.
An hour later he was finished snow blowing.
But doesn't he look happy here! I couldn't have lived with a man who doesn't like winter.

Evening snow on the old lilacs
an amazing cloudbank to the south the next morning
The next day it snowed again- a lot, but a lighter, less dense snow.
That night: our new streetlight that throws a garish white light was softened by the falling snow.
(you may remember my post about the hydro worker changing the bulb a few weeks back)

Forget-Me-Not Cabin lit up in the night time snow
The same view through the back door, the next morning after the 2nd snow fall

Through the Hydrangeas, our concrete bench with a huge loaf of snow on it, thick icing on the hedges

I haven't been particularly focussed on my artwork which is inevitable this time of year,
but I have had fun playing with my new calligraphy pen

Muji got some lap time after this.
Love to you,
 in your life,
 in your thoughts,
in your destiny.



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