Wednesday, 23 December 2015

pre Christmas fun

Wally and I often call each other to come see how cute the cats are, cuddling each other as they sleep. Even though I sneaked in and tried not to wake them, it's hard for my little camera to focus in the ambient light with two contrasting cats, and capture when they move.
So here is a blurry shot of their cuteness as I unintentionally woke them.
Later that evening, Babu practised Kitty Mind Control on me
 as he waited for his supper to materialize. 

The ultramarine sky was vivid behind my incandescently lit paper snowflakes.

I suddenly got in the mood to cut some out a few weeks back, not having tried it in decades.
The moon behind our ash tree out front.
Half moon just before the winter solstice
Something was definitely afoot 
as Wally called me into the living room to witness

his creation! A homemade digital antenna!

We had to laugh as Wally had to hold it exactly in place
 to get the most amazing reception
of ONE channel
but he will eventually rig it up in the attic
Once Wally went to bed it was Muji's turn for reception

as he waited in my chair by my latest drawing
The wooden dolls have evolved to more movement in a setting

this one done in coloured pencil... before 
and after
Down the Night Garden Path

 Have a lovely unwinding of the year
 as you wander down your path


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