Thursday, 24 December 2015

peace on earth

Keeping a quiet Christmas Eve, Wally came home from a morning at work and had a long cuddle with Babu who couldn't get enough of him. I took a lot of pictures of our little squiggler and found I like this one best.
Babu loving Wally loving Babu
To my dismay, Wally signalled me to find the squiggler in a dryer of clean laundry. 
Then Wally called me out to direct my attention to the back hedge.
"When, what to my wondering eyes should appear...?"

 "How did you ever manage to see it?" I asked him. No bigger than a Christmas light bulb on Forget-Me-Not Cabin beside him. But Wally merely said he saw a flash of red. Then we had a talk about his peripheral vision of which I'm often convinced he has none. And he demonstrated with his hand where he could begin to see it from the side.
Beyond the dried hydrangea, in the boxwood hedge where a few leaves hang on...
our Christmas Eve cardinal.
peace to all living creatures on earth 


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