Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas preamble II

Just a few more vignettes around the house, this first batch taken on the mild morning of my last post.

Our front door wreath that I simply added a few more embellishments to.
When I see the cost of ready made wreaths, I'm amazed at how easy it is to do up one's own.

Jazzing up the Japanese Maple- just some silliness to welcome us home
From the opposite side looking toward our wonderful ash tree
Looking out toward a sunny spot on the other side of the ravine

Coming back in the house I see the odd wood screw we found in someone's yard sale.
Please, if you have any idea what it's from, I'd love to know. Please add a comment below. 

and finally a crazy shot of my angel, Muji, who yawns a good wide one,
revealing the maw of some kind of sea creature.
Now for a few more pictures from another day, or rather evening, when Wally sat down with me at the end of his work day.
 Babu jumped onto his lap
Until Wally finally gave him the loving he wanted. 

Here's the definitive shot:
 Wally with his tired smile and Babu who rarely stops moving.
keeping it light
light as in weight
light as in light
light in our hearts



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